Breast Massage

Breasts are and reckoned to be one of female’s most attractive physical assets. Mainly, all breasts are composed of adipose tissue. Some females have more and some have less. The skin texture, size, firmness and shape are, in the beginning, “set” on genetic background and differ among various cultures & individuals. Then with proper exercise, after giving birth to the baby and nutrition influence development of breasts.

Breast massage by a competently skilled massage therapist can be a superb add-on to your entire care plan for breast. It has been proven that with the proper massage, breast pain can effectively be reduced for many women. Moreover, the results of massage on the lymphatic as well as the cardiovascular system of the breasts boost the health of the breast tissues. Women who desire to augment the size of their breast undergo massage therapy to help with the process of healing and those who are more concerned about breast cancer undergo massage therapy to increase the remotion of toxins piled up in the breast. Women who face pain in the breast can feel relief with it.

Breast massage, without any difficulty, can be added to regular breast self-exams. You can either learn how doing massage by your own or ask your trusted friend or more appropriately visit a massage therapist. It’s very easy to learn. One basic point: Be soft & gentle with your touch!

Massaging your breasts yourself, approximately takes 5-15 minutes and ought to be done twice or thrice per week. It must be pressed very gently with the help of full palm or the undersurface of the fingers. For drainage from lymph, it needs extremely less pressure (consider the weight of a piece of paper) to move fluid from breast tissue.

Breast massage is effective in sustaining the size & shape of breasts and precluding drooping. Rubbing down your breasts energizes the process of circulation, which is indispensable for keepings breast tissues hale and hearty. With proper massage, your breasts will become healthier and less probable to droop. The effect is a more enthralling bust line.

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